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      Mechanical Repairs to All Makes & Models of Vehicles

      Our Repairs

      Please supply some info  for example:

      1. What kind of warranties your repairs carry?
      2. What makes of parts do you you when doing repairs?
      3. What happens if you find other problems whilst repairing the clients vehicle?
      4. Speak about, the lift service you provide , drop of and pick up
      5. Speak about the experience and quantification of your motor mechanics
      6. Anything else that will convince the visitor to bring his car to your for repair

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      Work Required

      We repair the following:

      • Alternator
      • Starter
      • Steering Racks
      • Radiator Repairs/Supply
      • Wiper Blades
      • Re Cover Seats
      • Electronic Repairs
      • Overhaul Engines
      • Exhaust Repairs
      • Clutch Repairs
      • Turbo Repairs
      • Bearings
      • Contol Arms
      • Shocks
      • Brake Pads And Discs
      • Wiring Repairs
      • Oil Leaks
      • Suspension Repairs
      • Overheating